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medical mold -your best choice

8/11/2013 4:33:56 AM      Click on the£º
mecose mold, located in shenzhen China, is a high qualified and experienced team focusing on developing, design and manufacturing plastic injection molds and molded parts in disposable medical components, medical devices and laboratory products.
a. Injection mold for medical parts¨Cmold tooling factory 
b. Disposable plastic medical parts ¨Cinjection factory 
c. Assembling¨Cin class 10,000 and 100,000 clean rooms 
Main Products: 
IV Extension Set, Suction Catheter, Nelaton Catheter, Feeding Tube, Surgical Preparation Products, Medical Device Components and Plastic Injection Molds. 

We can cooperate with you in all feasible way. OEM and ODM are welcomed. 
We always insist on our demand in quality, and determined to exceed your set standard. 

Our aim is providing first-class products and outstanding service to customer.